Final Accts exam BEFORE Accounts prep..?

Just wondered if anyone had taken the Prepare Final Accounts exam before they had passed the Accounts Preparation unit?

I have passed all my other level 3 exams, but I struggled on Accounts Prep. I have booked Final Accounts in hope of passing that first and having less to worry about when revising for my retake of Accounts Prep.

Any advice would be great. I realise they are linked but hopefully can still do it this way!



  • aat_trainingcompany
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    We have seen a student in a similar situation failed accounts prep. But passed final accounts.

    There is a natural dependence between the two...but as long as you can identify income, expense, asset, liability and capital accounts and you can remember which statement (profit or loss) or statement of financial position each accounts goes in - you should be fine – question practice will assist you greatly. Every business has sales, purchases etc. 95% of the account names will be the same.
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  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    I struggled on accounts prep too but passed the final accounts with flying colours!
  • LauraK2604
    LauraK2604 Registered Posts: 2
    haha me too kelsmick! challenge the norm..Accounts Prep exam retake this weekend, wish me luck!
  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    Good luck! I'm not resitting mine until October but have cost and revenues tomorrow!
  • ncraggs
    ncraggs Registered, Tutor Posts: 70 New contributor ?
    If you have covered accounts preparation there is no reason why not.
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