AAT Level 4 ISYS report help


Need help on the following two points and what to include in these paragraphs :

1.4 - Explain how the accounting systems are affected by the organisational structure, systems, procedures and businesses transactions?

1.5 - Explain the effect on users of changes to accounting systems caused by: external regulations, organisational policies and procedures?


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    Hi, 1.5 can be organisations such as HMRC regulations, Accounting standards etc. 1.4 This needs to be structured to either your case study or workplace evidence. List all the transactions your chosen function have to complete and then see how the office structure effects each item...i.e opening the post..is there a current procedure for this and say, for example, recording the receipt of cheques received in the post. is there something that the current structure effects this system?

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    Okay, thank you
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