Thinking about doing AAT Level 3

Hello everybody. I'm 26 years old, I completed my AAT Level 2 back in March 2015. Since then I haven't looked or read any of my notes until this week.
I usually struggle when it comes to learning and studying. I failed every subject at school. I didn't used to mess around, I wanted to learn but just completely struggled.
In the recent years I have passed my GCSE English, Computerised Bookkeeping Skill level 1 (SAGE 50), AAT in accountancy level 1 and 2. I've recently completed my GCSE Maths but am waiting for my results. Unfortunately I did struggle a lot with my maths exams so it's not looking good at all. If I've failed then I'll have to do GCSE Maths again.

Anyway, I'm thinking about doing AAT Level 3. But I'm worried that I might struggle a lot. I learn things very slowly in my own time. Is it a very difficult course?
One of the starting dates for AAT Level 3 is in August 21st and the next starting date after that is September 14th.

I feel as if I've forgotten everything about the previous AAT courses and am now currently looking through my notes but there's just so much to go through. I'm worried if I'll drown and fail every module.

What was your experience like doing level 3. Do you guys think I should give it a go?


  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    Hi Warrior,

    If you are worried about the course being hard it might be worth studying with a learning provider that way you have the tutor support and if you do run into difficulty then you are able to get in touch and have them explain any problems, With my training provider there was no specific start dates for the course and you just worked at your own pace so there was never pressure to have assignments in for a certain date etc

    I am currently doing my level 3, just finishing sitting my exams. There were parts of it that i found difficult and challenging but it just takes time and everyone learns at their own pace.

    If you think you've forgotten the previous study then just read over your books and it should all come back to you.
  • warrior123
    warrior123 Registered Posts: 2
    Thank you kelsmick. I'll see what I can do. I'm just going to wait for my GCSE Maths results first I then I'll decide if I want to do AAT Level 3.
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