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I have been offered a job in a company where the salary is minimum wage and the notice period is 3 months. I have finished AAT level 4 and have 6 months of experience. What do you think about these conditions? I think minimum wage is quite little for an AAT qualified with experience and 3 months notice is too much.
Thanks for the advice.


  • CeeJaySix
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    Assuming it's a 37.5hr week and includes paid holiday, that's £12k+. It's not great but I've known entry level jobs to pay less. Will they also provide study support? That's worth a few k a year if you're wanting to progress to ACA/ACCA/CIMA.

    The notice period is a bit odd especially at junior levels, is there room for negotiation?

    With six months experience I'd think you can find better, though it will depend on local market, how desperate you are for work, etc etc.
  • Scott7
    Scott7 Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for the message. No, there is not study support and not sure if the notice period is negotiable. I will think about it. Thanks
  • AGI2015
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    @Scott7 these conditions are ridicules. I think you should keep looking for a new better opportunity. I finished only lev 3 and have a little experience in the accountancy field , and one month ago I have been offered a job as the account assistant £10 per hour. I have to admit this is still not the best rate, but 6.5 this is not acceptable.
  • Neillaw
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    I wouldn't sign this just because of the 3 months notice, this is usually for FC's and FD's not someone starting with 6 months experience.

    I feel that they are trying to trap you into the position as the remuneration isn't that great either.

    I would take a quick look at the AAT salary list for an indication on remuneration levels.
  • Sharon123
    Sharon123 FMAAT Posts: 80
    I have been working for a long time and have never come across this length of notice below management level. As with previous post, looks like they are trying to trap you. Minimum wage is insulting with qualification and some experience, I would look elsewhere.
  • Maria75
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    It depends how much experience you could gain from this company. Work experience is worth just as much as your qualification, and some would argue much more. If you are in an area where jobs are hard to come by, I would take it and try to negotiate the 3 month notice period.
  • burg
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    Practices generally pay less than industry however we (practice) currently have a level 3 studier who is higher than minimum wage. I would expect higher for a qualified maybe in the region of £20k so around the £10 an hour mark.

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