Starting Level 4 after Gap Year

HI everyone, I am starting Level 4 again in September after completing Level 3 in June 2014. I will be taking an exam to make sure I am still competent in everything I learnt in Levels 2 & 3, does anyone have any good ideas for revision, obviously I remember a lot of stuff but I'm sure there is also plenty I have forgotten, There is 2 years worth of work I would need to re-look at so reading 12/13 books again in 3 weeks is probably out of the question. Has anyone else taken a year out and have any pointers to refreshing over levels 2 &3?


  • Countrybumpkin
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    Hi Toni, I completed my level 3 in Feb 2014 and intend to start level 4 in the next few weeks. I just thought I'd get stuck into level 4 and if I find I'm struggling with anything in particular I'd then get out my old books and refresh my memory. As I haven't started I can't say if this is a good or bad idea but I just wanted to say you are not alone plenty of people have a gap. Good luck with your studies!
  • tredman
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    Thanks Countrybumpkin, nice to know I'm not the only one, pretty sure most stuff will come back to me when I look at it, good luck with learning level 4!
  • Rimmerl10
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    Hi, I passed Level 3 last summer and Ive recently started Level 4 with Financial Statements. Its pretty hard going but Ive been told this is one of the hardest modules. So Im hoping to get this one out of the way first! There is a lot of assumed knowledge but it does come back to you!
  • zippi
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    I took a gap year after my level 3 which I completed in July 2013 and then went back to level 4 in September 2014. I was dreading too but I managed to pass all my exams first time without looking back at the books done in level 2 and 3 except cash management and currently finishing my project so my opinion is as long as you put effort, you should be fine. Good luck yo you all!
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