Skip Level 2?

Hi. I have no prior experience in accounting, however, I have studied other courses at Level 2 in the past and found them quite easy. I was thinking of buying Level 2 books, reading through them and then either self study or distance learning for Level 3. Would anyone recommend this? I am looking to save money and do this as cheaply as possible and hoping for first time passes.


  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    I would recommend you do some of level 2 if you have no prior experience in accountancy. I am currently doing level 3 and depend on my previous work experience and qualifications for parts of the course. I would look into doing the level 2 or some other sort of accounting/bookkeeping course so you at least have the basic knowledge.
  • RosieCarlisle
    RosieCarlisle Registered Posts: 60
    There's a fair bit of - admittedly basic - knowledge that you learn at level 2 that is pretty crucial to understanding level 3. Double entry bookkeeping being a main thing. If you have no experience whatsoever in accounting, I'd definitely not advise skipping level 2. It's not just all common sense stuff.
  • Nps
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    Andrew111, I did exactly what you are describing. No previous accountancy knowledge but bought the level 2 books to learn the basics. I'm glad I did as it gives you the necessary groundwork, but I'm also glad that I didn't pay to sit any exams as other bits are very basic. I then self studied levels 3 and 4.
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