If i don't complete the Advanced diploma in business skills to finish apprenticeship - what happens?

Hi. I am currently studying level 4 advanced diploma in accounting for my apprenticeship. Once i passed all these exams, am i right in thinking i am a qualified accounting technician? and i could apply for Full AAT membership as i would have work experience? Therefore i don't see the need to spend another year studying for Advanced diploma in business skills, when it seems pointless and not very beneficial to me? I would just like to know what would happen if i don't do it?


  • StuartW
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    Hi @samuelh,

    In answer to your first question: yes, you will be a qualified accounting technician and you could apply for full membership, work experience permitting.

    One reason to complete your diploma in business skills is that AAT only issues certificates for the AAT Accounting Qualification - we don't issue certificates for apprenticeships. They come from the National Apprenticeships Service. So if you don't complete the apprenticeship, and you're asked to produce your apprenticeship certificate by a future employer, you wouldn't be able to do that (and you might be asked why).

    In terms of repaying the faith and investment placed in you by your employer, I'd suggest they would probably expect you to complete the apprenticeship, too.

    Finally, for every enrolled student who doesn't complete an apprenticeship, training providers can be compelled to hand back the associated funding by the Skills Funding Agency, so you could end up costing them money as well.

    All in all, I'd suggest that to get your career off to a good start and demonstrate your professionalism, you'd be best off completing the advanced diploma.

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    Well said Stuart
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