Leaving Business Skills

I don't know if anyone can help, but I am looking to move to another company as the business I currently work for is at risk. I am currently doing my AAT level 4 apprenticeship so I have the business skills modules to do.

I have had another job offer but they would only want me to complete my AAT and to drop the business skills modules as I only have one exam left and they wouldn't want me out of the office.

Does anyone know what repercussions this would have? I understand I would still have my full AAT member status but would I possibly be liable for any course fees since I would have quit the apprenticeship?



  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    I imagine it would all depend on what is in your contract of employment with your current employer, often they take back all or a percentage of the course fee depending on how long you have been with the company but if there is nothing stating you will have to pay it back then i would say you're not liable.
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