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I'm looking to purchase some books for AAT Level 4 ill be studying this September, I'm after Osborne books, the books for 2015/2016 per set are at least £19, I have seen some Kaplan books, ok prices but they are 2012/2013 some other books I have seen are 2011, so I don't know what to do, do I go with recent edition or older books.




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    At level 4 there are 6 units, must do units and some options – from which 2 need to be selected.

    Financial Statements, Financial Performance, ISYS, Budgeting

    plus two options Business taxation, Personal taxation, Credit control, External audit, Cash management

    The Financial statements books from before September 2013 have more accounting standards than you need to know. There are fewer assessable standards post Sept. 13. Our recommendation would be to buy newer books.

    Financial Performance is almost identical and old books will do. Same with budgeting.

    Taxation books - you must check with provider when you will be sitting your exams. If exam date is pre-31/12/15 then you should aim to buy Finance Act 2014 if you are likely to sit in 2016 then you should buy Finance Act 2015. In other words those 'old' books will cause you undue hardship.

    ISYS (formerly known as ICAS) has changed a little - but we believe old books can work provided the provider will provide guidance on the two new areas (Professional ethics and sustainability).

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    Hi Sarah I have some level 4 books that would be suitable for you. Please see post today on this site.
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    Hi Sarah recently got interested in Accounting especially AAT level 1 qualifications and gonna start next month, I want to study about this course in advance, can you refer me any book or learning sites for AAT BOOKKEEPING INTRODUCTTRY COURSE
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