Employer wont be keeping me on after studies

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I have been studying AAT level 2 apprentiship (almost finished) and have just found out my employer will not be extending my contract or supporting me through my level 3.

will i find it hard to get a job or another apprentiship help me study level 3?
i really cannot afford to self fund this and am desprate to do it.

also if im not able to study level 3 how hard will i find it to get a job with just my level 2 qualification?
and what sort of jobs should i look for?

sorry about all the questions.
and thank you in advance.


  • burg
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    As an employer if I had a vacancy for an AAT apprentice I'm pretty sure I would be open to applications from those at different stages. It certainly wouldn't be prohibitive to getting an interview. The level of knowledge and competence would then be considered along with our plans for development.

    I would suggest you get applying now for AAT trainee vacancies and/or writing to accountancy practices to minimise any time you have without a job. If that means leaving your curent employer before the end of the current agreement then so be it. You need to sort your future.

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