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Hi everyone,

I started studying the qualification around 3 years ago from home and just self taught with Kaplan books. Its taken a long time to do each module as I fit it around working full time and my home life and with having to fund all my exams myself it just takes that extra bit longer to complete each module. Im on level 3 and have 2 modules left to complete. I haven't studyed for over 12 months as I lost all motivation and also some financial difficulties but now I would really live to get back to studying and finally finish it off.

I have been looking at my old notes and just cant remember anything and really struggling at the moment. Has anyone had a huge gap in studying like me and have any advice to get back into it?



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    I failed my basic accounting 1 back in 2012 and left it a year before I went back to it as it knocked my confidence a bit. I work full time too and life got in the way.

    Like you I couldn't remember a thing (or that's what I thought) so I started from scratch again, it was the best thing I ever did I passed it and today (2 yrs later) I completed the WKAF unit on Level 2 so I'm all done.

    Once you start again, you'll get into it and will be surprised at what you have remembered. Don't give up. Stick to a timetable don't overstudy - I did 90 minutes 3x a week. I was determined to finish what I started.

    Also just a tip I paid a fortune for the first two units with Kaplan then discovered I could just buy the books - which I got off Amazon for £12-£18. I did this with every unit from basic costing and still passed and saved so much!
    I ended up saving money further by sitting my exams as an external student with another training company thus saving me the train costs to a Kaplan location.

    I also made use of the practice assessments on the AAT website then I could see where my weaker points were, I finished the workbooks and left myself 3 weeks to go over notes and do the assessments before sitting an exam - they were a HUGE help.

    You can do it if you just put your mind to it and focus, don't give up.
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    @Pebbles7880 Thanks for encouraging me with your inspirational thoughts.
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