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Hello All,

I sat my Cash Management assessment in July and I knew straight away that I wasn't going to pass it. The assessment was nothing like the two practise assessments on the AAT website. In the actual exam, I ended up wasting too much time struggling with the numerical questions and I left the written questions til last. This was a huge mistake as I underestimated how much time was needed for the written tasks, and I ended up running out of time, leaving three whole questions completely unanswered. I got my result yesterday, and as predicted, I am not yet competent.

My resit is booked for 28th September so I have time to fine tune the revision.

My main area of concern was the very first question I had in the actual assessment. It gave me data from a cash flow statement and possibly some other written data, and it required me to complete a blank P&L statement. I had not come across this before, it had always been the other way round. Could anyone point me in the right direction of how I should start to think about this? I'm sure it's quite simple but I want to be prepared for this question if it comes up again but I cannot find any learning material/practise questions on it.

Many thanks


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    Hi eddzter1978 , I've also heard that the exams are completley different to the practice :( I have my exam next week and super stressing !! When you say, complete a P&L, are you given figures and u just need to allocate them to an expense ? :(

    Any other pointers you could give on the actual exam ? :(
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