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An unusual enquiry- 'A Levels' in 6th form after 'AAT level 2/3 Fast Track'

Hi, i know this is quite unusual but in a week or so i am going to start the AAT level 2/3 fast track in my local college which will mean i will hopefully have the AAT level 3 qualification when i am 17 in July 2016 . I am then going to enrol onto my local sixth form to study A level Accounting and other A levels.

I was wondering what would be better to do: the above that i have just mentioned or the A levels and then the AAT.

Also if i were to do the AAT first and then the A levels do you think the A level in Accounting would be easier?

Thank you very much.


  • bobbynailerbobbynailer Registered Posts: 21
  • cleesclees Registered Posts: 33
    seeing as AAT level 3 is equiverlant to 2 A levels at A - C or so im told by my college tutor.
    why not go to uni and study accounting? or move onto another training program Cipfa require 2 A levels to study with them. at a uni.

    thats my plan after i finish level 3

    as for any other bodies im not sure.

    dnt waist time getting A levels you dont realy need, after all are you going to learn anything difrent after studying AAT level 2/3 if you do an A level in accounting aswell?
  • bobbynailerbobbynailer Registered Posts: 21
    Very true, ill think about it. Thanks
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