Starting AAT Level 2 course

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I have a degree in Computer science and 15 years experience in Software Engineering

I have done a skills check and come out at Level 2.

I cant help thinking that once I get my head round the terminology, it should be fairly easy to get through.

A lot of training providers seem to hide a lot of the fees, so bottom line is how much are :-

AAT Admission Fees
AAT Annual Membership Fees
Level 2 AAT Exam Fees
Examination Centre Fees

I cannot seem to find these clearly on websites.

I know with numerous microsoft exams I have sat, you can purchase a self study book & sit the exams at the end.

Is this an option for AAT.

I am reading this option here, but it is a few years old now#

What is peoples opinions

Also what are job prospects like after doing AAT level 2

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