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Financial Statements Exam

this is probably a silly question but in the exam can you print off the Trial Balance and Additional information?
Ive been doing the practice assessments and finding it really difficult to scroll between question 1 and 2. I cant screen shot as Im using a laptop that wont allow me to do this.


  • aat_trainingcompanyaat_trainingcompany Registered Posts: 20
    No, it cannot be printed.

    The AAT, for obvious reasons, want to keep the exam under wraps until students sit it.

    At level 4 you need strategies to manage/process information, speak to your tutor they should be able to give practical advice
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  • Rimmerl10Rimmerl10 Registered Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. I am learning this level online so I didnt realise this would be the case. Now I know I can practise using the mock assessmnets and come up with strategies. My memory is rubbish so I like having figures written in front of me. Thanks for the advice.
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