Help with cv please!

I am new to the forum and need some help with my cv. I have completed Level 4 but still havent been able to get a job in accounts sector which is worrying me now . I am looking at my cv again and was seeking some advice on the profile section if someone had any suggestions. When I edited it before I took some suggestions from some google searches for cv's with no experience in accounting.
heres the profile if anyone can help.
"Personal statement
I am an ambitious, motivated and enthusiastic individual who thrives in a working environment where every colleague contributes towards a common goal. Where clear communication, strong teamwork and personal integrity are highly regarded standards shared by all. I appreciate that not all tasks can be completed through teamwork alone and at times greater sense of achievement can be attained through single minded dedication to a project. Every organisation is unique and I understand and relish challenges that this can create.

The opportunity to progress and grow, to adapt and learn new techniques within a company is something I genuinely care about and strive for. I am willing to learn and to be trained in order to further improve my existing skills.

I have completed AAT level 4 in August 2015 and at this stage of my professional career, I am eager to utilise and employ my knowledge in an accounts based job role."


  • stevef
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    Sadly, as there are so many people chasing so few jobs your application for each job has to show why you are the person for that specific job. Not the correct person for a generic job in finance, but for the specific post you are applying for.
    This means finding out what is entailed in that specific post and demonstrating how your skills and experiences (not necessarily finance experiences) can be applied to meet the needs of that post.
  • NME504
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    Have you tried using the AAT's CV builders section?

    Why not join the Accounting Student Network Facebook group. 1000's of students have found it a one-stop centre for studying resources, motivation & Career development - You can too!!
  • sharan2015
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    Thanks I will certainly consider both of yours'suggestions,....much appreciated!
  • clees
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    I read the first sentence and thought to myself 'typical CV opening statement'

    a potential employer probably sees at least 80 if not more applications for each job they advertise.
    how many times do you think they have ready an opening statement that is similar if not the same as yours?

    if I was an employer and had to read I am an enthusiastic ambitious and motivated individual who is a great team player or who works well in a team 80 times over and over again I would probably discount half of them.

    As stevef already said, there’s so many people chasing so many job you need to stand out, be original ! ! !

    I’m not having a go by the way, just some constructive criticism.
    I hope this helps and, good luck
  • Anisa
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    Help with the Project!
    I have just downloaded the project today, no idea how to start.
    This is very worrying! Can anyone give me some tips please?!
  • MarieNoelle
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    @Anisa I suggest you open your own new thread rather than post your question here!
  • dart
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    What I can tell you, sharan2015, nowadays you can ask professionals to help you. There are plenty of opportunities. To be honest, I was using supreme essay, when I was applying for a new job. They wrote me a perfect CV.
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