Trying to find my student membership expiry date?

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So I've just got the dates for all my level 3 modules and their exams for the 2015/16 year, and I'm trying to work out if my final exam will take place before my 1 year student membership expires (as I'm intending to go out and look for work after finishing level 3, rather than carrying straight on to level 4).

The thing is, I know that I took out student membership back in January (2015) when I took my level 1 award exam, and it runs out sometime around the end of this coming January. My final level 3 exam is going to take place on Jan 26, and I have a feeling that this is a day or two before the membership....or maybe a day after, I'm not sure.

Hence my asking - is their anywhere in my account info on MyAAT where I can find out what my membership's expiry date is?
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