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Can anyone suggest any great ideas on how to keep motivated and want to pick the book up again. I have read the first chapter and finding it hard to do the questions and pick up the book again.


  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    i'm the same and i've my exam on friday :/ the practice exam on the AAT website was the one my learning provider game me too so i'm struggling to know what main topics to focus on.
  • ChrisJ30
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    I'd say make sure you really know the fundamental principes and threats to compliance.
  • Adele69
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    I've got the PETH exam next Tuesday (8th) and finding the amount of material to remember kinda daunting - mainly the detail of safeguards for in practice and in business scenarios. Using BPP book. Not really getting anything additional to it from learning provider.

    Are any of the books good (for presenting in a way you can remember)? I saw one mnemonic on an ACCA F1 video for the fundamental Principles (COPIP - Confidentiality, Objectivity, Professional Behaviour, Integrity, Professional Competence & Due Care), haven't found any for the Threats, sustainability I came up with SEE - Social, Economic (Financial), Environmental.

    I also found a Kaplan webinar video on their study tips site, plan on watching tomorrow
  • BU982T
    BU982T Registered Posts: 40
    Make sure you know the Fundamental Principles and can identify them (that's crucial!) and know the safeguards (which I remembered by using SSAFI). Also make sure you know how to identify when there may be sustainability issues and what can be done to ensure sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Most of the exam focuses around these two issues and rightly so as at least with BPP the text is centered around this alone. I wouldn't bother trying to remember all the details between practice and business just get the gist of it and use common sense and you'll be fine. I have some pass cards I used which I thought were really helpful - if you would like them just send me your email and I'll share them.

    Btw, I read the PETH unit and did the problems (using BPP) on the 22nd of November and sat my exam on the 24th of November with only a 3 hr review session as I also sat ITAX on that day. So it's not that bad! I was told I passed yesterday. :)
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