Crisis with isys!

In need of a little direction
So Iv have recently started my level 4 having easily completed levels 2&3 I now feel like Iv bitten off more than I can chew
Having never worked in accounts before I have had to take the case study I have been given a-z vehicles. I have read and re read this many times but still can't work out which theme route to go down I can see many errors with the petty cash but I am not sure if this is a big enough theme to base the project on and if not do I need to back it up with something that compares to this or anything

Any advise would be extremely welcomed as I a super stressed



  • kkelly
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    Hi lilo89
    Don't get yourself too stressed! I didn't do a-z vehicles so I cannot give you pointers on that one but read the project well and note down important points for your submission. Keep a good eye on the mapping from early as to try mapping at the end of writing makes it much harder. Take your time and you will get there!

  • lilo89
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    Thanks @kkelly would you say petty cash is a big enough area to be able to base the project on?
  • kkelly
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    I wouldn't think so. I know in the one I did there were a number of areas that could be covered and I covered two. I would read the project well and find areas you can write a lot about. Look for strengths and weaknesses and build on that. Think about each section you have to do!
  • MrCrabs
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    Hi lilo89.
    I recently finished my project on A-Z Vechicle hire. My advise to you would be firstly as kkelly said try not to let yourself get stressed about it, make a start and keep chipping away at it, before you know it you'll have a solid piece of work that can be retouched to fill all the criteria. It might help to break the problem up into smaller more manageable pieces. Structuring your report is a good place to start, don't worry about not knowing exactly what you are going to write about. I think I structured my report, wrote my methodology, terms of reference, introduction and a good deal of the evaluation before I knew what the focus of the report would be. This document is quite good at outlining the structure your report should have.

    In terms of the areas your report should focus on I'd say you might struggle to fulfil all the criteria just talking about the problems with petty cash. I'd say try not to get too hung up on getting a theme for the project (I think this maybe more important for workplace projects), instead focus on meeting the criteria for the project and your theme will eventually emerge. Some areas off the top of my head which you might also consider writing about are the liquidity problems the business is facing, it's inability to fulfil it's reporting obligations or produce management information, or it's inflexibility due to the lack of staff training. Once you have the meat of your report down you will see that there will a common cause for the problems you have talked about, they may be as broad as a poorly designed control system or poorly trained staff. You can then refer to these in your executive summary, and edit your introduction if needs be.

    Hope that helps, best of luck with your project.
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