Listing AAT qualifications on my CV

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So, I'm partway through my Level 3 (completed PETH, about to sit my ACPR exam, feeling good...), and I'm trying to update my CV.

Now, for my academic qualifications, I listed them each as
(institution name)
(Level and qualifications) (result/grade)

This looks reasonably okay for everything up to and including my degree, but I'm worried that potential employers might be put off by seeing a less impressive-sounding FE college for my AAT qualifications. And anyway, technically the course isn't actually run by the college, but by the Finance and Management Business School who operate onsite at the college.

And so I'm wondering - should I list AAT, the FMBS, or Lambeth College as the institution I'm studying with? Or should I maybe just drop the institution name altogether? (That would seem a little bare to me, though...)
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