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Hi, I don't know if anyone has any advice for how to get a first job when they nearly say 'experienced..'. I'm thinking of bookkeeping, I'm on my Level 3, but I just don't know the structure of the way in to become a bookkeeper. Perhaps I'm searching under the wrong terminology. What is the first job to getting to be a bookkeeper? How have other people got in? I am a mature learning so have lots of experience from other jobs which are transferable. Any advice welcome. Thanks


  • MinhazMoosa
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    I got my first "proper job" as a payroll processor for a large payroll (sub contracting) company (this was a large invoicing role with payroll). I worked for my fathers company previously and I wrote on my CV that I had invoicing experience which was not a lie, however it wasn't completely truthful. After 200+ applications I got the job :)

    I completed 12 months employment and thought this was too easy, I asked if there was room to move up in the organisation and they said no.

    After applying and lots of networking through linkdin, I got a job at a respectable growing accountants in Manchester, previous employer offered me a huge payrise to stay but if there was no room to move up in the organisation then that was not of interest to me.

    I now process payroll for 60+ companies on a weekly/monthly basis with no help and have been given free reign and also they have funded my AAT qualification as they can see the potential I have.

    Advice: Apply! Apply! Apply! If you go 500 applications without a job offer then I would worry. First try to hit that number and you will find a job way before the 500 mark.
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    Thanks, you are positive! Better get on with those applications then! I have started networking and will develop it as I can. It's good to have a goal.
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