Cash management Level 3 & 4

before the syllabus changes from 2010 to 2013 I completed cash management in syllabus 2010 and passed. I then took a break (travelling) and have returned and have passed all level 4 syllabus 2013 exams apart from one option. having passed credit control other than personal tax, business tax and audit the other option is Cash question is can I take this exam even tho I've already passed it in level 3?


  • zippi
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    Hello SLTJ85
    Yes you can, I did exactly the same, however, I would suggest unless you are very good at maths etc. you choose personal tax or something g else. I passed all my exams first time, However that is the only one I am really struggling with! As I did the course at the college did not have a choice as college chose the course for us.

    Anyway goodluck with whatever you decide, let me know how you get on! All the best.

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