ITAX - Material out of date

Hi everyone,

I understand that ITAX is a very straight forward module and one of the easiest (general consensus). However,
i find it very frustrating that both my training provider and AAT use outdated information in the study material.

Hopefully the CBT for ITAX still provides us with the 'resource area' so we are given the latest figures e.g. VAT taxable turnover threshold etc but it still seems odd not to update the material.

Does anyone else agree?


  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645

    The latest books should reflect last years' thresholds etc - which are what are examined. Exams are always a year in arrears, presumably to avoid complications when legislation changes during a financial year. This is the way ICAEW and ACCA also work.

    Is your study material is more out-of-date than that?
  • John_Clyne
    John_Clyne Registered Posts: 26
    Yeah my textbook is two years out of date, shouldn't be an issue for the CBT as I believe it gives students the latest figures/thresholds. Was just a tad annoying during revision.

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