Complete AAT L2 Books WANTED

I'm looking to self study AAT Level 2 asap and looking to buy the whole book set. Let me know!
Thank you :)


  • Louise123
    Louise123 Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Hi, I have level 2 kaplan books and pocket notes, whole set. They are the AQ13 but I dont think there is any difference if your interested? I wouldnt want alot for them x
  • Louise123
    Louise123 Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Email me on [email protected] as do not check this alot x
  • tmero
    tmero Registered Posts: 6
    Hi, contact me at [email protected] if you are still interested. I have the Kaplan books for AAT level 2.
  • martynka
    martynka Registered Posts: 5

    Are you still loking?
    I've got the full Osborne set in a mint condition.
  • mutley9
    mutley9 Registered Posts: 7
    Hi martynka do you still have books available? If so how much please and would you post? Need asap
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