P Tax Results

Has anyone had their P Tax results back recently, I'm waiting for mine after re-sitting it for 4th time and wondered what people's views are on the exam?



  • wabisabi
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    Hi Bexter

    I got mine today after a fairly short wait of just under 5 weeks. I managed to scrape through but the exam feedback wasn't pretty - quite a few "did not meet the requirements". Still a pass is a pass so not complaining.

    The exam was a nightmare, largely due to the lack of realistic practice material. I found the actual exam to have a lot more calculations in it than any of the practice assessments I did, especially in the second half, and all of them for trivial amounts of marks.

    Time management is really important. The examiner's feedback on the AAT site suggests that the majority of students finish the exam in under the time, but I don't see how they could (unless they are giving up and walking out in disgust).

    Fingers crossed for you :)

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