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Hi guys, Thought I'd post this one as I haven't yet found a clear answer online for this one.

The small company I'm working for has 6 employees, all on PAYE. We currently use AccountEdge software and use AutoPay for paying payroll. So far, it's been no problem and very straight forward.

We have just hired a new employee who is from Iceland (EEA, not EU). We have confirmed his passport and ability to work in the UK. But I'm having trouble with the final steps, like preparing the payroll this month for him, his new tax code, etc.

Question: I've managed to find a copy of the HMRC New Starter Checklist, which the new employee fills out. There is a question as to whether the employee had another job since 6 April. Does this mean in UK/EU only, or would a previous job in Iceland count?

Question: National Insurance Number - he has applied at the job centre, so is expecting one soon (he didn't have a NIN before). I leave the NIN blank on his payroll, right?

I would also welcome any online references you may have for hiring employees who are coming from abroad. (It is sometimes hard to tell which advice is for UK only, EU only, or everyone.)

Thank you!!


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    Good morning,

    In terms of National Insurance Number for the time being that should be blank otherwise it can cause conflict in order to work out their benefits entitlement. That should only be added once the HMRC office send the official paperwork. Hope this helps you out. Kind regards Shamil Karia
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