Introductory Award In Bookkeeping (Level 1)

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I was interested in doing this course by self study at home. I was wondering if anyone has done it and if they could offer any advice? Such as what book should I use?

I've mentioned on another discussion but I have already completed Level 2 and Level 3 of the full AAT Qualification but this was around 6 years ago. I completed both in the space of a year, spent a few months in accounts then left to join Merchant Navy. Pretty sure I would struggle at Level 4 hence the reason I want to do this in order to refresh the memory and dust off the cobwebs.



  • Adele69
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    Have you checked out the online resources for level 1? I would be surprised if they covered enough of the topics (or any) you would need to know for level 4, particularly since there is nothing on the AAT study support pages. Maybe going over the current level 3 would be more beneficial, you don't have to sign up for the exams (as you've already passed) and could still do the online practice. The exam format is quite different to some years back, since it's all online with most of the topic results instant.
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