Budgeting - BPP Practice Assessment 1 Task 2a

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Hello All,
My exam is tomorrow and need your help!!!
If saleable production is 469 and 17.5% of
saleable production fails quality control
check what would be the total manufactured units?
My calculation is 469/82.5 x 100 = 568.48 or 569
However in BPP book answer is 552 which is confusing me
Can anyone help please!!!!!!


  • PeterC
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    A slightly weird question! If the question had said "If saleable production is 469 and 17.5% of MANUFACTURED UNITS quality control ", then your answer would have been correct.
    What the question, in effect, actually says is "Saleable production is 469, rejects are 17.5% of saleable production (17.5% x 469 = 83)". As a result, total manufactured units = 469 + 83 = 552
  • ssh
    ssh Just Joined Registered Posts: 21
    Thank you ! It's me not getting the question correctly. Much appreciated.
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