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I've today had a call from someone (not one of my clients) with the following query:

The caller had recently started helping out with banking at a charitable organisation. said charity have been paying for hired help of four ladies in region of £5-7k per lady per year for X number of years. full audit trail available. so far so good however one of the hired help ladies has recently requested a P60 in order to help prove her income. unfortunately the said charity cannot provide one. it would seem (and I'm waiting to see a contract sample so I can determine this...) that the charity have been hiring the ladies on a self-employed basis for quite a number of years and yet the ladies have been oblivious to the fact that they need to register as self-employed or file self assessments. alarm bells immediately started ringing in my head!!

has anyone on here come across a similar situation? if in fact the ladies have been hired on a self-employed basis for say 10 years or more, and never declared to the HMRC, what would your advice be?

Any help appreciated.


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    I haven't come across this particular problem but the situation where incorrect actions in the past are unexpectedly unearthed because a person "wants more" is familiar.

    I think it would be entirely in order to inform the enquirer - in general terms - what the situation appears to be and leave the door open for them if they wish you to become involved. That person may also wish to relate this to all concerned.
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