Level 3 right after Level 2 with Home Learning College

Hi ,everybody. I just had completed my level 2 all at first and my results were all especially the first two which is the Journals and PBK got the result exceeded at all tasks. The others are just exceeded and met. How ever as a current level 3 student (self study) i find it something like the market (job makerket) not very motivating for someone like me. I read about some Aat student had bad experience with places where is strong Union influence presents. I just can imagen how the is a firm can deal with something like that especially when they are operating in the private sector and being capitalized by a social movement. Well isn`t really my type of environment either. So , back to job market what i am currently having trouble with understanding the possibilities getting hired as nearly most employer wnat you to have experience. Well accordingly self study we do have experience as we have to pass tutor based assessments before going for exams, and also completing the Self test questions. How , ever it seems like not everyone has the same perspectives about our qualifications as example the Recruiter who hired me has no clue what is AAT, example. Also 99% of employer is require you to have experience in the role even the certificate isn`t required. Well i bet if you go and try to get hired for an Assistant Accountant role with out at least a level 2 certificate the interviewer would just laugh his/her ass off at you. So can anyone tell me how to get hired with a level 2 so i can easier understand my level3? Also i found it difficult to understand why some employer wants to pay for your education and ever requires you not to have any kind of certificate or experience in. These routes are quiet disturbing in job market as no one actially knows what to do.
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