Employer Sponsorship of ACCA/CIMA & Changing Employer

Having successfully achieving MAAT status, my employer is encouraging me to do ACCA/CIMA, which is what I am keen to do. However, given the conditions around their sponsorship contract, it would mean that I would be committed to them for up to two years after completing it otherwise I would have to reimburse the amount. While I am keen to do ACCA / CIMA, I'm not entirely sure that I see myself with this company for the next five years, equally I can't afford to pay back the fees of the course myself either.

If I decided in 12 months time to apply for a job where the criteria is to be part-qualified and advertised that they would support my studies, what is the likelihood that they would shoulder the cost that my previous employer would attempt to recoup from me?

Does this actually happen? Is it rare?


  • Sharon123
    Sharon123 FMAAT Posts: 80
    Be warned that some employers will recoup all agreed costs if you leave. This happened to a former colleague of mine who lost all of her final month's pay due to deduction of course fees and she unfortunately hadn't even passed her exams.
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