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I'm new to this forum. My client has closed down the business without telling me but she was in trader for nearly 10 years. She was filing the vat return but I did the final accounts to company house plus CT600 to HMRC. Now HMRC wanted to see the final accounts of the business but my client not responding to HMRC letter and phone calls therefore they are calling me and asking for the soft copy of the accounts. The client is no longer with me. What should I do? Can someone advice me please.



  • burg
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    If you are no longer acting for the client then this needs to be your response to HMRC. Do not provide info without the clients permission. If you have not done so already and have taken every effort to contact the client then issue a disengagement letter based on no contact. You may also decide to inform the client you qould be prepared to act in relation to the investigation should they wish to re-appoint you for that.

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    Thanks for the reply Burg. First client has agreed to HMRC by the phone to produce the documents but when she spoke to me she is not willing to give the records to HMRC. HMRC try to contact her by phone and letter but there was no response from her side. The HMRC lady trying to chase me, I agreed to provide soft copy of the final accounts but haven’t email yet. What the next step I should take?
  • Anuja
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    Thanks for the reply mrme89. I really appreciated your comments.
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