Level 4 your experience?

Hi, I'm in two minds whether or not to do the Level 4. My current job role doesn't require me to know the knowledge of Level 4, but part of me wants to do it anyway just to have it under my belt and if I want to move on in the future.

I'm currently doing Level 3 Bookkeeping and Ethics which is basically the full Level 3 diploma minus Cost & Revenues and Indirect Tax. I've been advised that for L4 Budgeting, some knowledge from Cost & Revenues (L3) is beneficial. But is it possible to do the L4 without these units?

I work full-time in quite a busy, fast paced office with little downtime. When I'm home I'm too busy to sit down and study and mainly study only on the weekends. Just wanted some advise whether or not to do the L4 and if its do-able considering my circumstances.



  • KarenMustardTutor
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    I would recommend doing Level 3 Costs and Revenues as that unit prepares you for both Budgeting and for Financial Performance. Especially if you feel you have limited study time you will benefit from from a sound background knowledge.
    In terms of Level 4, it is a step up from Level 3 certainly. The qualification is highly regarded. Would work support you in your decision?
    I teach Level 4 and my students come to class for 4 hours a week and I would expect them to spend a further 2-3 hours studying every week with an increase in this when I set mock exams.
    Good luck.
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