Help starting aat level 3

Can someone help me?
I want to start aat level 3 and I am confident enough that I'd manage to self study the units as I have a friend who has done accounts and can help me if I'm stuck.
I have read quite a few discussion topic and understand that 2 modules spreadsheets and ethics are marked by a person. My question is
1) do I need to enrol with a training provider like Kaplan to do these two units and get them marked by a Kaplan tutor?
2) the other 4 units can I just buy books online and book an exam once I'm ready?


  • NickCraggs
    NickCraggs Registered, Tutor Posts: 62 Regular contributor ⭐
    Yes, you can buy the books for the 4 units and pass them on your own, but you will need a training provider to mark your ethics and spreadsheet exams.
    Nick Craggs FMAAT AATQB ACA, AAT Branch Member and Distance Learning Director at First Intuition
  • kevinx88
    kevinx88 Registered Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply NickCraggs,
    Is there a way I would know what the projects are without enrolling with a distance provider first
  • SianaT
    SianaT Registered Posts: 30 🤖 Admin 🤖
    Hi @kevinx88 - the projects need to be purchased from a training provider. There's no other way to complete these units.
  • Lelouch
    Lelouch Registered Posts: 35
    Hi... You need a training provider to mark the projects, but you don't need to enrol on the whole course. you can still just pay for the project, I did that with Kaplan.
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