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Hi All, I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, but i'll post anyway to see if anyone can help!

I've recently started a new job, it's a manufacturing company and we use Sage 50 Accounts Professional. However, the business does not currently use the software to it's full potential. I last used Sage about 7 years ago so I am a bit rusty, but certain we can utilise it more.

We raise purchase orders to suppliers for the majority of our orders, we also mark them as complete when delivered. What we don't currently do is process the supplier invoices by matching them to the order/delivery! So there are hundreds of purchase orders sitting there saying "Complete", but not marked as posted.

I think I have mastered how to do this moving forwards, by completing/receipting the order and then clicking "update ledgers" to enter the invoice information.

Now my questions is...... Does anybody know of a method that would allow me to mark all of the historical purchase invoices as posted? (As they won't ever get matched to an invoice)
The idea is eventually we can easily identify everything delivered but not yet invoiced, but until the historical ones have been marked posted they will always be sitting there!

Of course, I have tried Google etc but can't find the answer yet!

Any help would be greatly received :-)
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