ISYS Project- Cost Benefit Analysis

R saleh
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So I have (finally) reached the final step of the project-the CBA. I am doing the case study (CPL) and have chosen to do payroll. For the CBA, I have chosen to write about the benefits of the signing in system and training. I have stumbled across a problem; I have mentioned how much CPL could lose by an employee adding an extra 5 minutes everyday, but I don't know the costs of a signing in system. Would the payroll clerk need to paid more because of the extra time caused by entering the time? For the costs I anyway have mentioned the CCTV camera.
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    I don't have access to the case study so can't comment specifically but a signing in system in it's simplest form can just be a paper sheet where people enter start and finish times against their names so minimal cost. Also where people sign in earlier than their start time does not necessarily mean they will get paid for that time it depends on their contract or agreement with the company. The payroll clerk may need extra time to process the timesheets but will this extra check save overpayments being made in error?
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