Calling AAT MIPs - are you free on 5th November?

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We have an opportunity for you to attend a HMRC breakfast event on 5th November 2015

We are looking for an AAT member in practice with more than one year’s experience to take part in a HMRC breakfast meeting in London. The ideal candidates will be primarily web based and deal with the majority of their clients remotely (e.g. via a web-based portal) rather than the more traditional face-to-face business model.

The event will take place in London on 5 November. Food, expenses and hotel accommodation (if necessary) will be covered.

Please note that we are extending this offer to one person and will therefore be assessing relevant response one a *‘first come first served basis’. AAT maintains the right to all final decisions in recruitment for this event.

If you are interested please could you contact Tim Bowers at [email protected]
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