Auditing Exam

After 4 attempts of sitting the personal tax exam I have decided to book the auditing exam, not sure whether I'm doing right! Does anybody who has already sat the auditing exam have any tips for me?
I have got the Kaplan revision books and these seem really useful, I didn't know whether anybody has any exam tips?

Thanks all in advance :)


  • ImInMediaYeah
    ImInMediaYeah Registered Posts: 9 New contributor ?
    How did the exam go, Bexster?
    I'm sitting the EXTA exam this week and also need hints and tips. Anyone got any?
  • Bexster
    Bexster Registered Posts: 31
    Not as bad as I thought but will see when I get my results!!! The exam was no different from the practice ones, what I would say is look at the written questions more! Good luck :-)
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