Budgeting Memo questions

I'm really struggling on the memo questions, when I've looked at the answers to the practice questions for task 5 and 8 it all seems very clear and straight forward. However when I try to complete these questions without seeing the answer first I don't seem to know where to start. It maybe that I'm comparing my answers with the perfect exam answer which seems so clear and concise compared to my ramblings.

My question is, these two tasks have 38 marks! I very confident in the rest of the exam if I do badly in these two tasks say below requirement but exceeded in the others will I fail the exam. The rest of the exam takes me approx 1hour to complete so I have 1hr 30mins for these two tasks, which should be plenty of time for me to waffle on.

Any tips you can offer on how to approach these tasks would be appreciated, such as what I should read up on?

Many thanks
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