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Dawny MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 62 💫 🐯 💫
I was wondering how other MIP's find new clients.

A couple of my clients businesses have closed down recently, and although I've used word of mouth in the past, I need to be far more pro-active this time or I'll be closing down too.


  • burg
    burg Moderator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,441
    As per mrme89. I've used a few of these:-

    Referrals - we incentivise clients and family and friends to refer.

    Social Media - Have had some success

    Online forums - tried but little success. Found it takes a fair amount of commitment

    Not done Telemarketing or Networking. The latter just doesn't work with what I want to achieve i.e. I want it to work around my family and I'm not getting up early for a breakfast with some business people.

    Online Adverts and website - By far the best method we have found. We got a website done that is different to most other accountants out there and then set up Google adwords. Took a few years to get it working but now this is our only form of advertising and only other form of gaining clients apart from referrals. Accounts for over 50% of new clients.

    If you can get the combination right it can work really well. The website must have good content relevant to your target market. Adwords takes quite some setting up with setting locations, keywords, times, split of devices, etc.

    However over the last 6 months we have really pushed this and have gained almost 30 clients from it with another 5 still as prospects. We are gaining around 4 clients a month on average over the last 12 months from around 6 enquiries. This excludes referrals which grow as the practice grows and have a much higher succes rate of conversion.

  • Janej
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    In our area we have a free mag called "On your Doorstep" which is delivered free to thousands of homes once a month. Its just adverts for local businesses eg plumbers, builders, van hire companies etc etc I have been running a small advert in this which costs me around £40 per month. It has more than paid for itself and I have acquired several clients from it. Might be worth seeing if they do a similar thing in your area.
  • Claire R
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    I'm a new MIP and I've found my first few clients through a similar local publication to @Janej I've also joined a local Facebook group specifically for small businesses in my local area to network with each other. There may be something similar near you.
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