AAT AQ2013 - Is there a date I need to finish this.


Originally, I started AAT Level 4 on AQ2010, I have completed the transitional paper with my ISYS so have been transferred over to AQ2013.

I finish studying at college and passed my last exam in January 2014. I have started a new job and been trying to find a training provider but not had much luck.

I have 3 exams left to do:
Financial Performance
Financial Statements

The college I last spoke to made it sound as though I have to get these finish my September otherwise I lose everything?

So my question is, is there a final date I have to complete AQ2013? or is there a time limit from first starting my studies?

Thank you


  • zippi
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    Why don't you ring AAT directly and confirm? I don't think you loose anything but not entirely sure, I think after Dec 2015 or 16 you transfer to AQ2016. Yes I guess after 10 yrs you have to repeat all if not completed. Again best to confirm with AAT. Good luck with it all.
  • SianaT
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    Hi @Tonibellx, you will have until the end of December 2017 to complete any assessments on the AQ2013 syllabus. After that, you will need to complete them on the new syllabus. Don't worry, you'll be receiving an email very soon explaining everything.
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