sacking a clients, client.

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I have been doing payroll for a clients, client for a few years. They pay their employees at the end of the month.
I ask in plenty of time for the payroll but the get the payroll to me as late as possible and always want it yesterday.
Once I have send them the wages they then change them. This as then resulted in the wages being filed on time with HMRC then the wages have change. HMRC are chasing an under payment in one month but then it's corrected the following month. There as been that many emails going backwards and forwards it's cost me money in time doing the wages. This as resulted in me sacking the clients client. I have sent all the papers they need to do a mid year start. P32, employees pay details and a list of employees names and addresses back to the client. They are not happy with this and are wanting my payroll backup program. Do I have to give this?
Would you send your account workings to another accountant or just the paper work they need to continue?


  • kelsmick
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    Has this happened the whole time you've worked for them? Have you raised your concerns before? It sounds like you've maybe had it the whole time, I personally would probably not take them back or I would tell them that due to all the extra work they create that you'll need to work out an extra fee.
    There is nothing worse than a nightmare client especially when you could use that time to find a more well organized client!.
  • babsa
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    Do I have to give them my software backup or is ok on paper. They are wanting this save them the time of re inputting.
    I only ever charged for the processing if the payroll not all the emails.
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    As much as you get PITA (pain in the a*#) clients sometimes you need to think about the bigger picture. For me there is no point in being awkward. You wanted rid and you have made that choice. Well done as many don't. As long as you have nothing to hide then just provide the backup. It will help to show your professionalism and make sure they are gone quicker and not hanging around.

  • Neillaw
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    Is it not possible for you to do the wages on site, it's harder for them not to give you the information if your stood in front of them.
    If they don't have the figures ready then you could always pull off the job but charge them for your wasted time. Once they see the bill rising they'll do something about it and you'll won't have wasted your time as you've charged them.
    I agree with Burg as to providing the backup but it may be just a situation that they need re-training.
    Good Luck
  • babsa
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    Thank you for your advise. I have done the mid-year start and emailed the file across. i have entered the salary wages on it until April 2016. I have said if they require any more help or advise I will visit them.
    thank you again for your help. I personal feel loads better and less stressed.
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