Prepare Final Accounts for Sole Traders & Partnerships - CBT sample assessment 1

Can anyone assist me with question 5a - Profit of £42600 to be shared at a ratio of 2:3 between two partners. I calculated the first partner as having £17040 and the second as having ££25560, but the actual answer from the CBT model answers is £17400 and £25280, which totals £42960? I cannot figure out how this answer has been obtained. Can anyone explain please?


  • ChrisJ30
    ChrisJ30 Registered Posts: 93 New contributor 🐸
    Hey Crow, I also couldn't figure that answer out until I looked at the trial balance.
    So it's :

    £17,040 + 360 (credit)
    £25,560 - 280 (debit)
  • Crow
    Crow Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you so much! That solves the mystery - appreciate your help.
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