I completed the Level 4 in the summer and now don't know what to do with myself!
The main reason for doing it was to do my partners accounts, but since he's now Ltd (and it's not a straightforward business) I don't feel confident enough to do it. Wondering if I've just wasted my time :/
Does anyone have any advice about starting out that might give me some hope?


  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    Why don't you persue a career? If you have the qualifications you have the knowledge. If you don't feel confident enough to do your partners accounts you could start with small non complicated businesses or seek employment in the field and gain experience that way.

    I started by doing bookkeeping and as i've gained experience and qualifications i am able to offer more. I am always upfront with potential clients and explain I can do the majority of their work but I am not qualified to do certain aspects i.e corp tax and final accounts for ltd companies and on the whole most of them are ok with that as it works out cheaper for them to have me doing the day to day stuff then handing over the work to an accountant at year end to complete and submit the accounts.
  • puljesh
    puljesh Registered Posts: 2
    I am recently qualified too. If I were in your position I would give it a go ! Try and find a sympathetic accountant who would be willing, for a smaller fee, to go over your workings and make comments......effectively a mentor......maybe ask for one on the forum?
  • Neillaw
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    Your obviously motivated or you wouldn't have completed level 4, as your partners business isn't straight forward you have a good opportunity to put your training into practice.
    It seems to me like you either need a little push or a security net as puljesh says.
    I've been qualified for twenty years and have now gone back to basic bookkeeping to set up my own practice. I've managed to get another qualified accountant to agree to be something of a mentor, this gives you such a confidence boost as you have someone to fall back onto (I've spent most of my time in industry doing Job costing etc, this gives his practice something different he can offer his clients.)
    It may be worth spending some time in a practice enviroment.
    Good luck
  • shellsbook
    shellsbook Registered Posts: 12
    Thanks all! I think you're right and I'm going to put out feelers for a mentor in the new year.
    Merry Christmas!
  • OxonInvestor
    OxonInvestor Registered Posts: 5
    It seems you have anxiety.
    You are clearly very intelligent. :)
    Trust yourself!

    If you give up, then you will forget, so it's best to continue.
    Build your own client base / do some voluntary work / get a career / job in the field.
    You passed AAT Level 4, so should be absolutely fine.
    Yes, a mentor / qualified accountant - sounds like a great plan.
  • EllieBlossom
    EllieBlossom Registered Posts: 4
    Hi there, I am just wondering how you are getting on now - I am feeling the same but I have yet to qualify. I am half way through Level 4 and finding it hard to keep going when I don't have the foggiest idea what I shall actually be able to do once i've finished.
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