appleapple Settling In NicelyPosts: 39Registered
My client changed his company name online at companies house. can anyone advise me whether this is enough?
he did not send "written Special resolution on change of name" form and i am not sure if this is necessary.
Do i need to inform CT, VAT, PAYE line one by one about the change? i've called the CT line where the menu says that companies house will inform them but i am not sure.


  • kelsmickkelsmick AberdeenPosts: 89Registered
    When i changed mine i just filled it out online and the change was accepted by companies house who then informed HMRC. They should get a email / letter saying the change has been accepted and HMRC has been notified.
  • appleapple Settling In Nicely Posts: 39Registered
    thanks, i called the employer info line and i was told that i need to notify them in writing. have your done this as well?
  • kelsmickkelsmick AberdeenPosts: 89Registered
    No, i never notified them in writing and everything has been changed. Unless they have changed it since I done it but it was only a few months ago I done mine.
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