What to wear for an assessment?

Balint Registered Posts: 3
Hi everyone!

I am having an assessment of Level2 in Bookkeeping at Pitman Training on Thursday, and I am quite unsure about what to wear. Tried to search for it online, but nobody seems to talk about it. Do they have a dress code, written or unwritten? Any tips?


  • NickCraggs
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    You can pretty much wear what you want, but you should aim to be comfortable.
    Nick Craggs FMAAT AATQB ACA, AAT Branch Member and Distance Learning Director at First Intuition

  • Balint
    Balint Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for the answer! Bought a suit jacket though, don't want to appear careless.
  • kelsmick
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    It's just smart casual. I usually just wear Jeans and a top and so does most people I've done it with.
  • Balint
    Balint Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you kelsmick. I have passed by the way (I am sure it was the clothes).
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