Sales revenue forecast

Can somebody please clarify for me how to calculate the answer to the following question:

Year 1 Actual Year 2 Actual Year 3 Actual Year 4 Actual Year 5 Forecast

Sales Revenue: 12200 12474 13527 14091 ??

Sales price index: 110.0 114.0 120.0 124.0 130.0

Sales Revenue @ yr1 prices: ?? ?? ?? ??

1) Use sales price index to calculate sales revenue for years 1 to 4 at year 1 prices

2) Project the sales revenue at year 1 prices forward to year 5

3) Calculate the year 5 sales revenue forecast


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    1. Take actual income, divide by sales price index for year, multiply by year 1 sales price index.

    The other two parts look like they need more information, is that the full question? There's no obvious trend to calculate yr 5 revenues so assume you must be given more figures.
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    Thanks, I know how to answer this question now.
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    Hi , I can't get my head around this. Can you help please? thanks
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    I think CeeJaySix has given a clear explanation. I'll use it but put the numbers from the task into an example. I hope this will help you.

    I think the Sales Revenue for year 2 given by DaleB91should be £12,747 and not £12,474. This explanation is based on that assumption.
    • In year 1 the Sales Revenue is £12,200. As all the sales revenue is required at year 1 prices, this value can be kept at £12,200.
    • In year 2 the Sales Revenue is £12,747 but the sales price index in year 2 was 114.0 (because this is higher than the index of 110.0 in year 1 this means there has been inflation in year 2). To take out the effect of inflation in the sales revenue we divide the sales revenue by the year 2 index and then multiply by the year 1 index:
      £12,747 divided by 114.0 = 111.82 and then multiply by 110.0 =£12,300
    • In year 3 Sales Revenue £13,527 index 120.0 = 112.725 x 110 = £12,400
    • In year 4 Sales Revenue £14,091 index 124.0 =113.64 x 110 = £12,500
    This gives us the following sales revenues at year 1 prices
    Year.................Sales Revenue
    1. ................£12,200
    2. ................£12,300
    3. ................£12,400
    4. ................£12,500
    This shows an increase of £100 each year. So we can project that the year 5 Sales Revenue will be £12,500 + £100 = £12,600 at year 1 prices.

    As we know the forecast sales price index for year is 130.0 we can use this to find the year 5 sales revenue [at year 5 prices] forecast.

    Year 1index sales revenue divided by year 1 index x year 5 sales price index = year 5 sales revenue
    for year 5

    £12,600 .................divided by 110.0 ......................x..................... 130.0 ......................= £14,891

    The bold calculation is intended to line up with the word based formula above

    I hope this is a help for EvaP and any other reader

    I don't look at the forum everyday, so if you would like any further assistance or clarification you can contact me by email or look at my website

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