Do I have to do AAT level 4?

dom2589 Registered Posts: 3
I started doing AAT level 3 in January 2015. I have done the last three exams (Tax, spreadsheets, professional ethics) and I'm currently on course to finish by April the first three I missed (Cost and Revenue, AP1, AP2).... I thought that I could finish both level 3 and 4 by July 2016, however after being told by my teacher that it is impossible it has made me considered my options. I am done with working for the small practice firm I am working with and want to move so that's why I want to go straight onto ACCA after completing Level 3. A teacher told me that Level 1 for ACCA is the same as Level 4 for AAT is that true? Also if I did go down this route, would I get a qualification/certificate by only completing level 3?...... How can I put it on my CV?......

Help me out.


  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    If you complete the level 3 you get the level 3 diploma. I'm not sure what exeptions this would give you for the ACCA though. It might be worth contacting them direct as sometimes if you have enough experience it could give you certain exemptions as well.
  • dom2589
    dom2589 Registered Posts: 3
    Okay... But it's not compulsory for me to do AAT level 3?
  • king
    king Registered Posts: 3
    it is aat leve3 is a minimum requirement to do ACCA
  • dom2589
    dom2589 Registered Posts: 3
    i mean is it compulsory for me to do AAT level 4 to go into ACCA
  • jakeharlow
    jakeharlow Registered Posts: 4
    its not compulsory to complete level 4 to do ACCA, however if you do complete level 4 you get exmeptions to some exams.
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