Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
That was just awful. Even the thought of having to do it all again makes me feel ill. They should be paying, ah but that would be a bribe :persevere:


  • BU982T
    BU982T Registered Posts: 40
    Hopefully you've passed! :)
  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    The main practice paper on the AAT site (as well as the current BPP book) was fairly easy, got over 85% but the wording in the questions was a lot more honest and straightforward imo
  • NickCraggs
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    I would definitely get a mock marked by a tutor, if you have one, as the mark scheme for this is very prescriptive, and looking at the model answers is a little more difficult, than say, if you were comparing your flexed budget to the model answers for a flexed budget.
    Nick Craggs FMAAT AATQB ACA, AAT Branch Member and Distance Learning Director at First Intuition
  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    Unfortunately there was no scope for that. The practice paper is the only one I could find online, and though we had been given an additional paper (presumably from BPP Tutor resources which we started in last weeks class) this also came with the answers to complete at home, our last contact before the exam.

    Our class contact time was cut in half this year, claimed to be in students interests as attention over two weekday evenings was poor. I've been unhappy about the support but can't deny some students seem all too keen to leave early.

    SPSW & PETH both require tutor marking so I couldn't have avoided classroom for this. We wasted a lot of time on SPSW imo but looking at the alternatives close to me (both First Intuition and Kaplan, the latter I think don't have evening sessions) for PETH 3 x 2-3 hour sessions seem to be the standard
  • ChrisJ30
    ChrisJ30 MAAT Posts: 93 New contributor 🐸
    I took the PETH with FI in the summer and it was 4x2.5 hr sessions.
  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    Relieved that I passed B) as I don't know how resits go with tutor-marked modules? Presumably would have had to repeat PETH in 2016 (hence me looking at alternative providers here as I went over and over everything I could find to revise, which wasn't much).
  • ChrisJ30
    ChrisJ30 MAAT Posts: 93 New contributor 🐸
    Congrats Adele
  • diogomiranda
    diogomiranda Registered Posts: 2
    I failed the exam... have to re-sit in March... so upset right now! I love AAT but this PETH exam is getting my nerves. I studied everything but the scenarios questions were very devious.
  • fahi1
    fahi1 AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 11
    Any tips please? I tried mock papers kind answered all the papers now but not getting luck? any other resources?
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