Financial statements, Sample assessment 2 - question about tax

Struggling with Reconciliation of profit from operations.... Financial statements, Sample assessment 2, question 1.

Statement of financial position, tax liabilities:
20X0: £3180
20X1: £2790

Statement of Profit or Loss, enden 30 June 20X1:
Tax paid: £2712.

In the answers, in Reconciliation.... the amount of Tax paid is: £3102

My question is - how was this amount (£3102) calculated?

I was trying to figure it out, and:
but why? could someone explain?

Thank you in advance :)


  • PeterC
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    At the beginning of the year they owe £3,180
    This year they need to pay another £2,712, so they owe £5,892 (3,180+2,712)
    At the end of the year they only owe £2,790, so they must have paid £3,102 (5,892-2,790)
  • SusuSum
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    20x0 is opening liability(taxation)
    20×1 is Closing liability/tax

    2712 is the tax from income statement
    therefore we have to find tax paid which is

    opening taxation + income statement tax - tax paid (x) = closing taxation
    3180 + 2712 - x = 2790
    find the value of x
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